Team N°.1

Team N°2

Sébastien Gall the founder of the LFC consultant in ecomobility electric vehicle owner
since 2013 and her daughter Gall Léa studying foreign languages.
Participation in several electric vehicle rallies:
- LEAF FRANCE CAFE electric TOUR 2017 in CAMPER VAN electric
- France Electric Tour 2017 total route 2500km,
- Vendée Energy Round 2018,
- Rhone Electric tour 2018 (co-hosted with TVE)
- Lemanic Electric Tour 2018
- ECOMOUV TOUR 2019 (frame for TVE)
- Ventoux Electric Tour 2019 (co-hosted with VEGA)

Team N°3

Adriano Ruchini & Elena Kalugina, enthusiastic explorers and ev travellers.
Almost 600k electric kilometres all around the world
Happy Tesla Model S owners and coholders of world record of longest trip with a single charge with 1.078 km
Organizers of the rally “10.000km in seven days Rome-Nordkapp-Venice”…and some other events.

Team N°.4

Ursula Rhyner  former adventurer around the world, took part in two small electric rallies and in 2019 made the trip from Giron (Ain) to Tromsö in Norway in an electric car with her little dog (9021 km round trip) .‌  
Stéphane Semania Président Fondateur de l'association VEGA www.forumvega.fr
and, because a frequent traveler, ex President of ABM Leman abmleman.phpnet.org
Installed in the country of Gex (01) since September 2013, it has been running in Leaf since March 2015 (the 24 kWh -> 90,000 km then the 40 kWh -> 60,000 km).
He has chaired FFAUVE ffauve.org since July 2019.
June 2016: organization of the 1st tour of the Pays de Gex by VE
October 2017: participant in the Light-us relay: Geneva> Bonn (COP 23)
June 2018: organization of the Lemanic Electric Tour
November 2018: participant and co-organizer Light us relay: Bonn> Katowice (COP 24)
May 2019: organization of the AIN-Tense Electric Tour
Organization of the Ventoux Electric Tour 2019

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